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Cryptoasset Angel Platform AngelONE officially Launched to empower blockchain projects

BigONE Cryptoasset Angel Platform AngelONE has been officially launched at 18:00:00 (UTC+8) on October 25, 2019.

【About AngelONE】

AngelONE is a brand new Cryptoasset Angel Platform dedicated to subverting existing cryptoasset offerings, empowering global blockchain projects, finding quality investment targets for institutional investors and accredited investors, and leading the blockchain industry to a new stage.

Service method

ClientProjects, institutional investors and accredited investors

Selling process:

  • Angel Round: A project that meets the requirements can start the Angel Round at AngelONE. Institution investors can lead the investment, and the accredited investors can follow the investment. The investment interest for both of them is the same.
  • After the Angel round, if the project develops smoothly, you can continue to carry out the A round, B round and other subsequent sales on AngelONE.

Angel Round quota:50 -100 万 USDT (usually no more than 2 million USDT)

A soft cap and a hard cap will be set up for a project. If the project does not reach the soft cap, the subscription funds will be returned to the investors' accounts.

Release and list the token: After the Angel Round, AngelONE will release the tokens to the institutional investors and accredited investors every day. At the same time, the token will be get listed in 72 hours.

Crypto asset management: After the Angel Round, AngelONE will manage the crypto assets for projects and investors, including releasing crypto assets to the project according to the progress of the project, and adding value management services to the assets.

Withdrawal mechanism: institutional investors and accredited investors can exit when the project is in the A Round.

Way of participation

The Global Blockchain Entrepreneurship Program can enjoy AngelONE's Angel Round Service:

  • The project has a team, has products, and is in the stage of the angel round;
  • Must be the first round of tokens for sale;
  • Accept the release of cryptoassets according to the progress of the project;
  • Accept to release project tokens to investors daily;
  • When the A Round is on sale, some crypto assets need to be taken out from the angel round, so that the Angel Round investors have an exit mechanism. 

If you have a project that meets the above requirements and you are willing to make a token sale at AngelONE, you can fill out the project application form.

Institutional investors who meet the following requirements can lead the investment at AngelONE: 

  • Have experience in incubating and leading various entrepreneurial projects;
  • Need to be approved by AngelONE;
  • Leading projects at the AngelONE platform must purchase at least 30% of the total offer. 

If you meet the above requirements and are willing to lead the project in AngelONE, you can fill out the institutional investor application form.

Accredited investors who meet the following requirements can do the follow-up investment: 

  • BigONE users, and the total assets of crypto assets in BigONE are greater than or equal to 3 million CNY.


1.AngelONE is a Cryptoasset Angel Platform under BigONE.According to The introduction of ONE Ecosystem, 50% profits of AngelONE will be used to repurchase and destroy ONE。

2.AngelONE doesn't make price endorsements and project guarantees for any project. Please consider the factors such as project popularity, market trends, and risk tolerance carefully, and carefully decide whether to participate in the trading and rationally allocate your assets.

3.AngelONE is only open to users from countries where cryptoasset trading is not forbidden

4.BigONE & AngelONE hold the ultimate explanation right.